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What Are The Faith Matters Posts?

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What Are My Faith Matters Posts

I used to blog using Blogger as a platform for my posting. Over there I would write solely faith-based posts about the Bible and my worldview. Nothing proselytising and nothing in your face as I believe I cannot make people believe anything they don’t want to. When I started The Write Stuff under my domain my idea was always to start by writing about things which interested me and might interest others. Which is why we come now to my Faith Matters topic.

I began with my book, film and television reviews. I then moved on to creating my various topic titles. They are corny, pun-filled names, and I love the names dearly – they reflect who I am. Whether it is Book it In for my book reviews, Viewer Alert for film and television reviews, Game View for my video gaming, Let’s Get Technical for writing advice, or Thinking Education for my educational activities section. Every single title reflects an aspect of my character and my interests.

And now, I have reached a moment where I want to also dedicate a space here to discussing faith. As with any of my other sections, you never have to read any of these posts. They are for people who agree with me. They are for people who disagree with me. They are for anyone who wants to read them. They will be my posts to discuss my beliefs as I read faith-based books (like Steven Furtick’s Crash the Chatterbox) or even as I learn new things from the Bible itself or from everyday life.

So Why The Title Faith Matters?

After much deliberation over the past two weeks, I settled on Faith Matters. I was considering Christ Centred or Christ Corner. I considered Fighting Faith and all manner of other similar names. But I settled on Faith Matters for two reasons.

  1. I believe my faith matters. It might not matter to you, but it matters to me. And more importantly I believe you have faith (or beliefs) that matter to you even if they differ to me. And that is okay. I wanted a title that expressed that faith really does matter.
  2. I wanted to discuss matters of faith. As a result the title Faith Matters reflects these two ideas coming together for me.

What Will I Post?

As mentioned above, I wanted to use this title to discuss anything relevant to faith. So anything which features a Bible verse, or similar concepts will slide under this banner. Any subject which is devotional or inspirational in nature will also slide under here. So keep that in mind.

I know this is not necessarily a segment for everyone. So again, if you don’t like the idea of reading these posts. Don’t read them. But do remember, if faith doesn’t matter to you, it matters to other people.

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