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Voltron: Legendary Defender – Seasons 1-3 a Review

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Voltron: Legendary Defender has now run through three seasons of high quality animation on Netflix. For fans of shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender or Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Rebels this is worthy viewing, as each series develops the characters to greater extents.


Voltron’s Premise

Voltron: Legendary Defender follows five human heroes, who discover they are the next paladins of Voltron. This means they have the particular temperaments needed to pilot five coloured lions: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and Black. Each lion forms a part of Voltron – a leg, an arm or a head – and is a mixture of technology and fantastical mysticism. It is this blend of fantasy and science fiction that leads to Voltron: Legendary Defender, becoming one of the better options available to watch on Netflix.

The Red Lion is a speedy and fiesty companion

Season 1

Season 1 begins with the paladins discovering one another, and shows the heroes learning to work together as a team. Their discovery of one of the Voltron lions is completely incidental and unplanned, as is the awakening of a technologically advanced castle, complete with a princess and her trusted advisor. This opening is not dissimilar to how Avatar: The Last Airbender begins with the awakening of Aang. Gradually, the heroes learn how to harness the powers of their lions and unlock the full formation of Voltron.

Season 2

Season 2 takes over from the end revelations of Season 1, with the team discovering their villain Emperor Zarkon has some closer links to Voltron than they realised. The team gather themselves from defeat at the end of Season 1 and start taking the fight to Zarkon himself, ultimately concluding in a major battle against the villain.

Each lion makes a different part of Voltron

Season 3

Season 3 has only recently been released and follows the aftermath of this battle between Voltron’s paladins and Zarkon. This battle changes the fabric of the Voltron team and new leaders must step up to the task of running the team. The paladins also discover the origins of Zarkon’s evil, and Voltron’s creation, which occurs through the discovery of alternate dimensions. Season 3 also features a new evil threat in the form of Zarkon’s heir. This heir – Prince Lotor – and his team of powerful alien generals are a formidable warrior team. With its themes, improving animation, and developing lore, Season 3 is the best season to date.

In Summary: A Must Watch Cartoon

Voltron: Legendary Defender is must-watch viewing for anyone who appreciates quality animation. It is a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy that focuses on important themes. These are themes which include the eternal struggle of good versus evil, teamwork and family. For those who wish to find new cartoon-viewing with these elements, let Voltron:Legendary Defender be your next Netflix destination.

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