The New(ish) Year and What to Expect Ahead In 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to 2019

It’s now March in 2019. Which probably does not feel like much of a welcome to the new year. But for me it is.

If you are stumbling onto my website for the first time when reading this, the chances are you have seen the long gap between November and now with my posts. There is a reason for this.

Well, more precisely, there are several reasons. So please, take a moment to read through the following list if you wish to understand the reasons behind my absence.

Reason Number One

I moved home. This was the biggest thing holding me back from blogging at the end of 2019. I moved all the way from the border of Victoria and New South Wales to Melbourne. This occupied a large part of my time across November and December. But I am now fully organized and settled into a new house with brand new facilities, a great spot near my new workplace, and a much faster internet connection.

The Second Reason

At the end of December I travelled – to Japan. This took up eight days of my time which meant I was busy seeing the sights in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. My wife and I travelled to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and too many food locations to mention. I have attached a few photos below of the highlights.

Overlooking Shibuya Crossing


Proper fresh sushi – almost direct from the sea


Butterbeer in front of Hogwarts’ castle at USJ


Had to visit a Pokemon Center while here!


The happiest place on Earth


Michellin Star winning food!


And for another bit of fun – a wand chose me!

The Third Reason

Work has just started. This has put me under the pump with a new schedule of meetings, responsibilities and student work to mark. This year I have a VCE class (the Australian upper school levels just before University) which has created that new responsibility. Plus, I am head of digital learning in Victoria for our online platform. Only now have I managed to work out a way to sort everything out and write my blog posts again.

So what next?

I have a long list of blog posts I intend to write in the next few weeks. Some of them are book reviews as I have read several interesting novels in the last while. I also intend to write a post updating my gaming exploits with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and recently Anthem. Then I will review Alita and Captain Marvel as well in the next week. I have plans to write more education and writing ideas posts on top of this 

As for upcoming projects, one of my lofty goals for this year as well is to start doing vlogging and/or podcasting integrated with this site. So we will see how that goes. Last year I completed my first ever draft of a novel, and am now working on my second and third novel drafts. I hope to finish the second by middle of this year and have some time to edit. Apart from this I continue to read, write, and genuinely live my life as it comes each day. If you want to follow along please don’t forget to subscribe and reach out to me via email or one of my social media platforms.

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