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Who are The Mighty Story Lords?

The Mighty Story Lords is a new project that is part of my journey as a writer. You may have noticed I have several ongoing projects on this site. Such as my work-in-progress fantasy novel. And if you’ve been paying attention, you would recognise that I have been making new categories for posts. One of these is my new Faith Matters category, for discussing faith issues. And my Tech Specs category as well, for discussing technology that I have used and reviewing it.

I also have another project that I have developed with a friend. We have a discord server called The Mighty Story Lords. It is a community project for aspiring sci-fi and fantasy writers who want to create novels. The idea is to gather a group of like-minded individuals in this field to work together to inspire one another. Writing can be such a lonely chore, but we believe it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we believe there are hundreds to thousands of fantasy/sci-fi authors out there looking for friendly discussion and advice. We hope that The Mighty Story Lords will provide just this for any other fantasy writers.

So if you have a novel you want to write in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, you can join in and participate at THIS LINK. And don’t forget to tell your friends – special treasures await for those who participate!


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