Let’s Get Technical: In Media Res

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Let's Get Technical

What is In Media Res? The idea of In Media Res is a technical Latin term meaning ‘in the middle of things.’ When it comes to narratives, traditionally stories begin at the very beginning. This is the case with fairytales. For example the classic line “once upon a time” is a traditional beginning from the very start […]

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Mercy Thompson – Urban Fantasy Book Series

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Book It In

Across the past few months I have been reading my way through the ten books that make up the Mercy Thompson series. This is the review of the whole series, as written by Patricia Briggs. It is an urban fantasy series which focuses on the ubiquitous heroine: Mercedes Thompson. As the novel’s pitch runs: Mercy […]


Black Panther – Film Review

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The King is Dead Long Live the King – Black Panther Black Panther is the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first to explore a superhero of coloured origin. Which makes this film both fascinating and powerful in new and definite ways. Seeing diversity on screen (Luke Cage is an excellent example) is always […]


Twenty Eighteen Apologies and Explanations

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Summary I have been away until now in Twenty Eighteen travelling and writing A new newsletter will release in the next week, subscribe now to recieve this This site is a six month old creative outlet for reviews, writing ideas and thoughts New reviews coming soon with my new score feature (details will be in […]

Fantasy Story

Fantasy Story – The Soldier

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Fantasy Story Note Edit: I have since decided to remove this section from my fantasy story. This is because Lina’s point of view (POV) is not consistent. My other POV characters felt organic and natural in comparison. So, although I will be editing the chapters in the future to fix  inconsistencies, I felt it was […]

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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Game View

Clouded by Controversy The announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II was a welcome one. Following 2015’s attempt to reboot the Battlefront brand, Battlefront II was meant to be a great improvement. And yes it certainly was. However, unfortunately Battlefront II also managed to play host to a vast amount of controversy. The planned progression system engaged with the mechanic of loot crates in […]