Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott: A Review Of ‘Some Instructions On Writing And Life’

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Bird by Bird is Anne Lamott’s reflection upon her writing and teaching career and the various ways in which she teaches others to improve their writing. Lamott does not in particular focus on delivering highly technical ideas – she does not explain all the logistics of grammar, spelling or using a highly elevated vocabulary. However, her […]

Want To Become A Speedreader? A Guide To Reading Faster

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Ever looked at someone who reads at ‘a million miles per hour’ and wonder how they reached that pace? Have you ever desired to become one of those speed-reading machines that absorb the majority of words and comprehension while also racing through books. Well, in that case please continue to read on and discover a […]

Understanding How to Balance Writing – 6 Easy Tips

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One of the most important elements in any form of writing is an element that is also essential in other artistic forms. Painting, sewing, cooking, dance, video games, film, television, every other art form you can think of, at their best rely upon balance. So how can you use the, oh-so-airy idea of balance in […]

How To Write Even When You Are Not Motivated

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One of the trickiest elements of being a writer, or of any kind of writing, is maintaining motivation. How do you write when you are not motivated? How do you start writing when you lack the motivation to do so? It is a more common issue than many would realise, from students with essays that […]