Overwatch – 2016 Game of the Year Review

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Overwatch Overview Blizzard’s multiplayer hero-shooter Overwatch was the winner of over 100 game of the year awards in 2016. So what makes this multi-console game so excellent and why should you consider joining its ranks of players? To start with Overwatch is deceptively simple. It lacks a set story, but this is easily covered by the media tie-in content. […]

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Voltron: Legendary Defender – Seasons 1-3 a Review

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Voltron: Legendary Defender has now run through three seasons of high quality animation on Netflix. For fans of shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender or Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Rebels this is worthy viewing, as each series develops the characters to greater extents.   Voltron’s Premise Voltron: Legendary Defender follows five human heroes, who discover they are the next paladins […]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is our current tip for best game of 2017. It takes the concepts that worked in all previous Legend of Zelda games (storytelling, graphical style, exploration, puzzling, some minor role-playing elements) and transforms them, energising them again. Breath of the Wild also takes the elements of the best role-playing games […]

The Girl

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The Girl Hazelnut eyes flickered open, witnessed the bright light blazing in through the window and into her room and then shut tightly once again. Wake up Aida…the mumbled thought wandered through her mind, accompanied by its wondering companion, is this really the day? Realisation caused her eyes to flash open again and she sat […]

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Superpowered Fighter or Weakling Scrapper? An Injustice 2 Review

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Injustice 2 – Review for the Xbox One  Injustice 2 is the sequel to the surprise-hit Injustice: Gods Among Us, released in 2013. Yet, does ‘every battle define you’, or is this sequel the DC video game universe’ kryptonite? Plotting Thankfully Injustice 2 delivers on all fronts, creating: an excellent fighting game, a clever sequel, and […]