Let’s Get Technical: Grammar

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Let's Get Technical

Grammar Grammar is hardly a topic of conversation for any dinner table or party, yet it is an incredibly necessary tool for any writer. While readers read for the information and ideas a reader conveys, a clearer understanding of the rules of the language they write in will always prove incredibly useful. As a disclaimer, […]

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Vicious by V.E. Schwab Book Review

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Book It In

Vicious is one of those novels that is like a delicious but tough piece of steak: difficult to chew, but appetising to the palette. It begins slowly, with  segment of the novel out of chronological order, a writing tactic that is both frustrating for easy reading, but also intriguing. Intriguing, because the incorrect sequencing of the […]


Is Wonder Woman Truly Wonderful?

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It’s a smash hit around the world, so here is our take on the amazing Wonder Woman film! Cinemas around the world have been hit with the powerful force that is Netflix and its various competitors. Yet nothing drives audiences back to the cinemas faster than an explosive event movie. Wonder Woman happens to be one of […]