What Are The Faith Matters Posts?

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What Are My Faith Matters Posts I used to blog using Blogger as a platform for my posting. Over there I would write solely faith-based posts about the Bible and my worldview. Nothing proselytising and nothing in your face as I believe I cannot make people believe anything they don’t want to. When I started The Write […]


Incredibles 2 Review

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Waiting Forever for this Sequel? In 2004, before The Dark Knight or Iron Man cinema audiences had The Incredibles. The film was a smash-hit with critics and attendees. And for a ten year old child, it was truly ‘incredible’ to be able to watch an animated version of the comic books I so adored. And then when film ended with the […]

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle A Review

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What Frankenstein-Monster is this? Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is an unusual pairing between Nintendo and Microsoft. The game is a family friendly and whimsical strategy game. It looks bright and colourful and feels chaotic, but beneath the zany exterior is a solid tactical core. In many regards, Mario+Rabbids is one of the best tactical games on the market. […]


Thinking Education: See, Think, Wonder

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What is See Think Wonder and How Do You Use It? See Think Wonder is a thinking routine developed to help establish critical and creative thinking. It encourages students to look at an image. Educators then as students to consider what the image is showing. This inspires deeper thinking about images that students might otherwise ‘gloss […]

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Illuminae: A YA Novel in a Unique Format

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What Is Illuminae? As an Australian, and a wanna-be writer, I have an affinity for authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I had also read an advanced copy of Stormdancer all the way back in 2012, so seeing Jay Kristoff’s level of success has been pleasing. It’s particularly pleasing when the collaborative novel, Illuminae, is quality reading. Illuminae is part-Alien, part-Bioshock and […]


Let’s Get Technical: In Media Res

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What is In Media Res? The idea of In Media Res is a technical Latin term meaning ‘in the middle of things.’ When it comes to narratives, traditionally stories begin at the very beginning. This is the case with fairytales. For example the classic line “once upon a time” is a traditional beginning from the very start […]