Is Wonder Woman Truly Wonderful?

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It’s a smash hit around the world, so here is my take on the amazing Wonder Woman film! Cinemas around the world have been hit with the powerful force that is Netflix and its various competitors. Yet nothing drives audiences back to the cinemas faster than an explosive event movie. Wonder Woman happens to be one of […]

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Dracula – A Classic Book Review

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With Universal Studios recently announcing their monster-filled Dark Universe franchise, what book would be more suited to pick up than Dracula? The following is a review of this classic text. 5 Stars Dracula: the very name instantly brings to mind visions of vampires, stakes, garlic and crucifixes. But when one bothers to read the novel they may […]


Subverting the ‘norm’ of writing?

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There’s this interesting concept in modern literature: subversion. Essentially it’s the idea of challenging the ‘norm’ in writing. You see it in popular fantasy for instance, which is a genre I do read plenty of, whereby new authors attempt to make their work stand out by subverting common archetypes in new and varying ways.  There […]