Want to Guest Post? Here is the How, When and Why!

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Guest Posting! The Write Stuff is looking for the people who are willing and dedicated enough to provide one-off, or regular content. Or, in other words we are looking for dedicated people willing to participate in guest posting! This could be from people looking to get their novels, stories or own websites publicised further: We will […]

Fantasy Story

The Girl

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The Girl Hazelnut eyes flickered open, witnessed the bright light blazing in through the window and into her room and then shut tightly once again. Wake up Aida…the mumbled thought wandered through her mind, accompanied by its wondering companion, is this really the day? Realisation caused her eyes to flash open again and she sat […]

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Dracula – A Classic Book Review

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With Universal Studios recently announcing their monster-filled Dark Universe franchise, what book would be more suited to pick up than Dracula? The following is a review of this classic text. 5 Stars Dracula: the very name instantly brings to mind visions of vampires, stakes, garlic and crucifixes. But when one bothers to read the novel they may […]