Tech Specs – Nintendo Switch

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Tech Specs? I use vast amounts of technology everyday: from my work laptop, to my smartphone and my fitbit smartwatch. I also integrate digital technology (video tools, Office 365 and an LMS) into my teaching pedagogy. So I thought it was only fitting to have a section on my website where I can mention some […]

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle A Review

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What Frankenstein-Monster is this? Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is an unusual pairing between Nintendo and Microsoft. The game is a family friendly and whimsical strategy game. It looks bright and colourful and feels chaotic, but beneath the zany exterior is a solid tactical core. In many regards, Mario+Rabbids is one of the best tactical games on the market. […]


Microtransactions: The True Cost

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What are ‘microtransactions’ anyway? Microtransactions are essentially small transactions. They are the equivalent of paying two dollars for a cheeseburger. Two dollars is pocket change for most people and when you want a snack – two dollars is worthwhile for a burger. In terms of media and video gaming, microtransactions are an issue which have […]