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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Clouded by Controversy

The announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II was a welcome one. Following 2015’s attempt to reboot the Battlefront brand, Battlefront II was meant to be a great improvement. And yes it certainly was. However, unfortunately Battlefront II also managed to play host to a vast amount of controversy. The planned progression system engaged with the mechanic of loot crates in a sinister way. Players could pay for the privilege of purchasing loot crates which would enable them to buy upgrades for in-game play. Then came the news that to play as particular heroes they would need to pay in-game currency to unlock them. What kind of Star Wars game would lock Darth Vader behind a pay-wall? And so the fans revolted.

Darth Vader in Battlefront 2
Want to play as Darth Vader? Not until you pay your credits!

However, it is Star Wars after all…

Despite the controversy, Star Wars Battlefront II is an excellent game. As a whole package, Battlefront II delivers a beautifully designed game. The developers have clearly spent plenty of love and care crafting the details of the heroes, villains, and planet settings. This is a game which feels like Star Wars.

By which I mean that the game feels like the galaxy far far away we all know. Controlling Han Solo or Kylo Ren makes these characters feel unique. Controlling one of the four main classes of character feels like playing as a stormtrooper or rebel fighter in this other place. It gives that same feeling as controlling Batman in Arkham City. Although, admittedly Arkham City is a superior game on the whole.

It is the textures, feel, and overall look of the game that help cover up many of the rough flaws. And there are many aside from the progression system. In my hours of playing, I have encountered frame-rate glitches and bugs which left me unable to see myself or any other players. All of which lead to random shooting of blasters until I hit battle-droids or clone troopers.

The Campaign

The campaign is an improvement and a welcome addition for Star Wars Battlefront II. However, while the story begins as a fresh and exciting adventure it soon becomes stale. The campaign follows Iden Versio, an elite commander in the Galactic Empire. This campaign begins after the destruction of the Death Star and it seems as if the player will follow the Empire’s transformation into the First Order. However, the player then takes on the role of other heroes in missions which mostly involve repetition and minor puzzle solving. It is not a poor campaign, and worth playing through, but it could have been even better.


Iden Version
Iden Versio is the hero of the new campaign mode


Star Wars Battlefront II is well worth playing for fans of Star Wars. However, keep in mind that EA still have not completely solved the progression system. So, if loot crate mechanics turn you away then stay away. Aside from this and a few minor bugs, the multiplayer is entertaining enough – if you can work out how to kill other players effectively and work your way around the multiple maps. With its different modes, its heroes, and its ships, this is a game with plenty of value. Just do not give into any of the future plans for the microtransaction mechanics.

Updated 5/12/2017

Star Wars Battlefront II has been updated. This update boosts the ability for players to progress. There is also speculation that the controversial ‘pay-to-win’ lootbox system is set to be scrapped for good. This speculation suggests that EA will instead implement a purely cosmetic lootbox system. Hopefully, EA has learnt their lesson from this debacle and Battlefront II can become the best version of the game that was promised to the fans. Which includes the free update for The Last Jedi, and the inclusion of Finn and Captain Phasma as new playable heroes.

Updated 7/12/2017

Star Wars Battlefront II has just begun its Last Jedi season. This involves promoting fans to choose a side (the Resistance or the First Order). I chose The First Order as I happen to enjoy playing on the Dark Side that little bit more and it has been pleasing to see the improvements to the scoring and progression system. EA also released a statement suggesting they may not allow the lootboxes to ever again feature as microtransactions within this game. Which is pleasing if true!


Star Wars Battlefront II













  • It's a Star Wars video game
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Good multiplayer replayability
  • Unique story


  • The story starts off promising but becomes stale at the end
  • The progression system is overly complex
  • Glitches in multiplayer with framerates and being able to see characters
  • Costs of heroes
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