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Tech Specs – Nintendo Switch

Tech Specs?

I use vast amounts of technology everyday: from my work laptop, to my smartphone and my fitbit smartwatch. I also integrate digital technology (video tools, Office 365 and an LMS) into my teaching pedagogy. So I thought it was only fitting to have a section on my website where I can mention some of the tech I use and explain the positive uses of that tech. In case anyone else reading was thinking about purchasing. I will be discussing technology from gaming devices, to computers, to phones, watches and even particular software tools (online or otherwise). So stay tuned. First up I’m going to discuss one of my favourite devices of the last year. My Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch: A Success

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a massive success. It’s sold over 17.8 million consoles in the one year! And while many gamers may have looked at the device and thought it would prove to be a fad, it is more than a one hit device.

While it might appear to be similar to the clever, yet flawed Wii U, the Switch is a completely different beast. Where the Wii U was limited to play within the home, the Switch has proven itself to be completely portable. It has such a creative and polished design. And therefore proves itself to be far more than just a prototype. I would argue that this is an innovation in video gaming.

The Wii U console without its dock

Games Library: Tick

The Wii U failed to provide gamers with a substantial game library. While the trusty old faithful console staples were available, there were not enough other games beyond this. This of course meant that the Wii U fell behind the powerful competition offered by the Xbox One and PS4. The Nintendo Switch on the other hand has a far more substantial library, with a mixture of unique titles, Wii U ports, and ports from other consoles. This gives it a unique edge on any other console out there.

While the device itself may not have quite the same graphical output of a PS4 or Xbox One, the game quality never really dips. The Nintendo Switch feels excellent to hold, the button layout is relatively intuitive, and there are generally few framerate issues. And while of course the Switch may not have some games out there (for example it lacks Overwatch at this point in time) it has enough quality to measure up to its competitors.

So What Does It Come With?

The Switch comes with a charging dock and the necessary cables to plug into a tv and power point. It also comes with the Switch itself, which is a single screen with two detachable controllers.

As a result of these contents, the brilliance of the Switch’s design is in how it can be played in multiple ways. You can set up your screen with its kickstand and detach the controllers to play it on a table. You can keep the controllers attached and play it in a hand-held, giant DS style mode. You can plug it into the TV and connect with a Nintendo Switch pro controller. Or you can detach the joy-con controllers and use them individually, or connected to a joy-con grip. The possibilities are endless. Keep in mind, however that the pro controller is an additional expense!

So Why the Nintendo Switch?

For me the joy of the Nintendo Switch, is in its portability. I have played 80 percent of the time while using it in its handheld mode. After all, I have an Xbox One console for connecting to the TV. I have taken it on most of my plane flights and the battery tends to last for 4-5 hours, even when playing more intense action games. Keep in mind, however that the screen will scratch easily, so it is worth buying a carrying case and screen protector. I bought a generic case that had a screen protector, earphones, and game cartridge plastic case. I would definitely say that those accessories were worthwhile.

So when push comes to shove, why should you buy the Nintendo Switch? If you love Nintendo games (as I do) and you want to be able to play a game on the TV and then continue playing while walking out the door, this is the perfect device for you. The one big con of the Switch is that it costs as much as any other console, so you might have to choose between a more powerful device and this more portable option. I can assure you whatever you choose, that you will not be disappointed. The Nintendo Switch is the first step in the portable gamer’s future!

Nintendo Switch








Overall Experience



  • Portable console power in your hands
  • The ability to play in multiple ways
  • The controls are highly responsive and feel intuitive
  • Excellent quality of materials used to make the Switch


  • Some games have minor framerates
  • Good game library, but there is a lack of some key games
  • Costs as much as the competition
  • Limited battery life outside of the charging dock (requires additional accessories)

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