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Posts in July

How to Ground the Fantastic

One of the most popular genres in fiction is the fantasy genre and its many sub genres. While romance and action adventure also remain popular, it is the ability of fantasy to mix in themes of romance and adventure in mystical, magical and otherworldly ways. Yet one challenge that always exists with fantasy books is how to ground those fantastic elements in a world that feels believable. And this is not something limited to the fantasy genre. Each of the genres and subgenres of creative writing has some kind of element that could be perceived as ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ or ‘fantastical.’ So how do you ground those elements in a sense of realism? The following are three suggestions based on how it can be observed that many authors successfully pull off suspending the audience’s disbelief.

The key genres of literature have many sub-genres

1. Use a consistent logic

2. Downplay your fantastical elements

3. Target your audience


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