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Incredibles 2 Review

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Waiting Forever for this Sequel?

In 2004, before The Dark Knight or Iron Man cinema audiences had The Incredibles. The film was a smash-hit with critics and attendees. And for a ten year old child, it was truly ‘incredible’ to be able to watch an animated version of the comic books I so adored. And then when film ended with the rise of the Underminer, I wanted more. So much so that I avidly played the video game tie-in and the later released Rise of the Underminer. And when Incredibles 2 was finally announced, to be released fourteen years after the original I was excited.  But does Incredibles 2 live up to the expectation?

Living Up to the Hype?

Thankfully, the film more than satisfies. The Parr family are back in bolder and crisper 3-Dimensional effects that make use of modern technology in animation. And this animation leads to some of the best action sequences in any animated franchise. Or, in many regards, some of the best sequences in any superhero film.

The film follows the recent Pixar tradition of focusing on one of the more supporting members of the film in Incredibles 2. In this case, where Incredibles followed Bob Parr or Mr. Incredible, it becomes Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl’s turn to shine. The film follows her as she seeks to make supers legal again. And in the process provide a better world for herself and her family.

Thematically, the film deals with some thought-provoking ideas. The villain, who hypnotises people through screen-based technology, evokes the idea of the dangers of screen addiction. There are the same themes of family and working together. The nature of parents as protective, plays a role in the film, alongside a deeper look into the unique characters of Violet and Dash as adolescents. The difficulties of being a stay-home dad are explored through Bob. And further, the overall film becomes one which intriguingly questions the relationship between the law and justice. An ever-pressing concern in this increasingly globalised world seeking for solutions to peace.

Overall Thoughts?

Don’t just take my word for it. The film has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 80% rating on Metacritic. It’s good, it’s great, it’s a fantastic sequel. It honours the legacy of the first film, and freshens up the dynamics of the original cast for a film brimming with beautiful bold sequences, colours and heartwarming moments.

It has more heroes, more action, more special effects. But more importantly it still has the same heart and soul as the original. The one area that the film lets the viewer down a little is in how the film itself is less unique than the first. That said, this is a near flawless sequel and if you haven’t seen the film already, make it a priority on your list. Oh, and don’t miss the short film at the beginning. It has a nice Asian-inspired story, is a little bit quirky, and deals with the emotional depth of being a mother to a growing son. As a son it was a neat story to show and remind one that you should never forget your mother.

Incredibles 2






CGI and Cinematography


Overall Experience



  • A brilliant, faultless sequel
  • Great themes, excellent narrative
  • A true family film, fit for adults and kids alike


  • The villain could have been too predictable for some viewers, but the overall delivery of the film was superb
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