Want to Guest Post? Here is the How, When and Why!

Guest Posting!

The Write Stuff is looking for the people who are willing and dedicated enough to provide one-off, or regular content. Or, in other words we are looking for dedicated people willing to participate in guest posting!

This could be from people looking to get their novels, stories or own websites publicised further:

  1. We will accept pieces already posted to other websites, along with a disclaimer that the piece previously appeared on your site.
  2. We will courteously provide a link back to your website (and space for a biography)
  3. The one set of rules is as follows: your topic should focus on any material The Write Stuff regularly posts and should be positive and courteous to other people.

How Do I Post Content?

To prove that you want to be a contributor, we would like you to do one of three things:

1. Follow us on our Facebook page, like and share: You can submit your piece of work to us via Facebook if you have liked and shared our Facebook page. Submissions on Facebook without liking our page (or any post) will not be eligible for posting.

2. Sign up to follow our website as an email subscriber: Submit your piece via our  Contact Us page, as long as you subscribe as an email subscriber. Any submissions without subscribing via email will also not be eligible for posting. We don’t mind if you unsubscribe later (after all we do understand how having multiple newsletters in your inbox can be). We just want you to show us that you are serious about posting and are not just looking to spam the website!

3. Or you could follow us on Twitter: My handle is @writestuffsite. Or you could just click this colourful link right here!

What is next?

Once you have followed us on one of these sites, send us a message (either through The Write Stuff directly, or on one of our social media sites). Introduce yourself, let us know that you’re interested in contributing for some further publicity and submit your pieces. I’ll read the piece, make some suggested edits, and send it back to you to ask for approval to post. Once I have that approval I will post the content to our website!

In addition

I am also more than happy to help others out by guest posting on your website. If you follow me and are interested please send me a message. We can then discuss this further!

Happy Writing!

I am the creator and current writer on My love of books, films and games led me to create a site where I can express my positive thoughts of anything I have been playing, reading or watching recently. Please subscribe and follow The Write Stuff (and feel free to contact us!).

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