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Tech Specs – Google Pixel

A 2016 Model Phone – Any Good Now?

When the Google Pixels first released in 2016 they came with mixed reviews. The specs were praised, the camera was lauded as the world’s best on a smartphone. However, the design and the pricetag were seen as big negatives. However, now in 2016 with the release of Pixel 3 right around the corner, the price may be much better to pick up a Pixel as a budget smartphone. I certainly did and I don’t regret it one bit!

What is Special About the Pixel?

The unique element of the is that this claims to be the first phone fully made by Google. Of course, it’s really made using the same elements and pieces put into HTC phones. But the real positive is in the fact that, because Google are behind the phone’s design, the phone is fully integrated with Google software engineering. Any of the Pixel phones have immediate access to the most recent Android updates (often ahead of other phones). The Pixel devices also have less bloatware, and an inbuilt use of the Google assistant that makes voice commands simple and efficient.

The Negatives?

Initially, the negatives of the Pixel were its over-the-top price and design elements. The phone reportedly scratches easily, is not water-resistant when submerged, and has odd choices with the bezels. However, I found that the bezels were fine, and the screen size and features were perfectly clear. The sound, despite coming from one set of speakers is of a reasonable quality and I protected my phone from scratches and breaking through enclosing it in a protective case and screen combination.

So is the Pixel Suitable in 2018/2019?

Considering the price-drop, and with the Pixel 3 around the corner, this is a perfectly suitable ‘budget’ phone. The specs are still of high quality, and you can get the $1000 phone for a third of the price. Those aspects make the phone very worthwhile to me. But it might also be worth considering waiting to purchase the Pixel 2 with the upgraded features once the Pixel 3 launches. This upgraded model with greater water-resistance and added features will likely drop to similarly low prices. In the end, the key thing is to consider what you want in a device.

If you want a quality phone now at a low price, I recommend this phone its Google-integrated features. If you can afford something a little pricier, I suggest waiting for the Pixel 3 to announce it’s specification. After all, I heard the rumour that USB-C headphones may be included in the bundle as a feature. Or, you can also wait to grab the Galaxy Note 9, which looks set to become the most powerful phone on the market.

Google Pixel








Overall Experience



  • Google features built in
  • Google assistant
  • Excellent storage, great photo capture
  • Receives android updates before other phones
  • Will continue to receive updates for years


  • Was initially pricey
  • Lacks some of the advanced features of more expensive phones
  • Easily damaged unless protected

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