Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions to do with this website.

1. Who are you?

As stated on my author profile, my name is Jonathan Terrington. I am an Australian secondary teacher with a keen interest in social media, films, games, novels, and anything related to writing. The aim is for me to use this site as a platform for demonstrating my writing skills.


2. What do you use to manage your website?

I purchased my domain name and space through a webhost. I chose a webhost that suited my best needs at the time. However, you could just as easily run your own blog with free software and free webspace – but if you are picking up traffic and plan to monetise and optimise your site then paying for the full experience is the best solution.


3. Do you have someone running the website for you?

If by ‘someone’ you mean automated applets and codes then yes! Otherwise, no I am the designer, creator and runner of this site in my free time. All the graphics used for the website have been created by myself with the aid of photoshop, and I use IFTTT and Buffer as webtools to automate my social media posting.


4. What template did you use for your site?

I used the template ‘Sydney’ but edited the design and codes to suit our colour scheme and purpose.


5. Do you have a social media site?

We have a Facebook page (@thewritestuffsite) and Twitter handle (@writestuffsite).


6. Where do you come up with your ideas?

From my experiences as a teacher, and in writing and exploring the boundaries of writing. And from a desire to explore and to provide a positive reviewing platform that does not focus on the negatives, but on reasons why readers should watch, read, or buy a particular game, book, or film. 


7. Can I post content to your site?

Yes, I am more than happy for people to submit their ideas, reviews, and posts through any social media site. Or to use the ‘Contact Us’ page to do the same thing. Read the article here for more information on how to post guest blog content.