A Review of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

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Brandon Sanderson is one of the best currently living fantasy authors around. His work on completing The Wheel of Time brought his work to the attention of the masses. However, it is his own series – The Stormlight Archive and The Mistborn Trilogies – that are among the finest pieces of modern fantasy today. Mistborn delves into political intrigue, into religion, […]

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott: A Review Of ‘Some Instructions On Writing And Life’

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Bird by Bird is Anne Lamott’s reflection upon her writing and teaching career and the various ways in which she teaches others to improve their writing. Lamott does not in particular focus on delivering highly technical ideas – she does not explain all the logistics of grammar, spelling or using a highly elevated vocabulary. However, her […]

Why Is The Great Gatsby GREAT? A Review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Classic Novel

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What is there to love about The Great Gatsby? F.Scott Fitzgerald’s writing here leaves only a little to be desired. The characters themselves seem shallow and empty, lacking in morality and you could take all this into consideration and instantly report: ‘well that’s a shallow book if ever I’ve heard of one.’ However it can also […]