The Girl

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The Girl Hazelnut eyes flickered open, witnessed the bright light blazing in through the window and into her room and then shut tightly once again. Wake up Aida…the mumbled thought wandered through her mind, accompanied by its wondering companion, is this really the day? Realisation caused her eyes to flash open again and she sat […]

The Hunter – Part 2

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A scream broke the night. It was loud and full of unfamiliar terror, yet it unmistakably belonged to a woman. Mason flung himself through the door, his hunter instincts working to their fullest potential. The sound echoed and reverberated in his ears, its distant memory becoming a trail he could follow. He raced down the […]

The Hunter (Part 1)

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Chapter 1 – The Hunter   The door opened with a soft murmur and the hunter strode into the empty room. His nostrils breathed in deeply in the chilled air, absorbing the sweet smell of blood. “Marvelous,” he grunted under his breath, “Just marvelous.” He reached for the pistol strapped to his hip, reassuring himself […]

The Storyteller

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  “Permit me the luxury of a brief and tragic tale. A tale in which our hero ultimately becomes our greatest villain. It begins after the Great War laid waste to the world, wherein the Fae people were driven to destruction and humanity’s greatest saviour became their ultimate doom… “Our story opens with a solitary figure […]