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A Pirates Life For Me? Dead Men Tell No Tales, a review.

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The fifth Pirates of the Carribean film has been out in worldwide cinemas for a little while. So should you consider catching this swashbuckler before it floats away from screens? Or has the magic of the franchise washed away?

The last Pirates of the Carribean film was the aptly named On Stranger Tides, and while the pacing of the film was slower, and the film lacked the presence of Will Turner and Elizabeth Beckett, it was a fun ride nonetheless. Nothing changes here in Dead Men Tell No Tales (also called Salazar’s Revenge in other cinemas), with the Pirates franchise providing another entertaining ride full of tricks, gimmicks and ghostly pirates.

The film continues a few years after the previous film and focuses on Henry Turner, the son of Will and Elizabeth. His aim is to find the ‘mcguffin’ of Neptune’s Trident, in order to break the curse upon his father. Other new characters include Carina Smyth, who acts as this young hero’s love interest and has her own dreams set on finding the trident, and the villainous Captain Salazar, an enemy of all pirates in his former life. Of course, Captain Jack Sparrow is again the star, and here Johnny Depp presents a washed-up, failed captain to tremendous comedy effect.

While some might see this as one of the lesser Pirates films, there is plenty to admire, and plenty of reasons to argue that this is the funniest and most entertaining Pirates film – from the fantastic set pieces, to the ghastly ghost pirates, and to the comedic one-liners and slapstick humour. This is a film to keep the audience laughing hard from start until finish. While the plot may not be the deepest, with some potential plot holes, the fifth Pirates film is certainly not lacking in entertainment. And for that sake alone, it is well worth a viewing.

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