Twenty Eighteen Apologies and Explanations


  • I have been away until now in Twenty Eighteen travelling and writing
  • A new newsletter will release in the next week, subscribe now to recieve this
  • This site is a six month old creative outlet for reviews, writing ideas and thoughts
  • New reviews coming soon with my new score feature (details will be in the newsletter so subscribe for this)
  • Recommendations are NEEDED for new content and guest posting in 2018 – this is the year of more content
  • A discussion-based writing project will be released shortly
  • There may be a sci-fi short story anthology released across this site this year (if I can write the stories in time!)
  • I will be looking to post competitions, get beta readers and more – but I need support and thoughts for this

A welcome to Twenty Eighteen

A big welcome to Twenty Eighteen to those who have been following this site. I began this site – The Write Stuff – about six months ago as another outlet for my creative writing. As many of you have seen, I have posted multiple reviews of books, films, television shows, and video games. These are reviews of what I have been reading, watching and playing – and I hope many of you have found them of interest.

I have also taken the time to write about the process and skills of writing. This year I will continue to show snippets of my creative fantasy story: a story with three key characters and set in multiple other worlds. I will also continue to post my reviews in Twenty Eighteen, with my new number rating down the bottom. Keep in mind that all these reviews are positive affirmations of what I am reviewing – giving reasons to watch, read, or play the particular media being reviewed. I will also add some further thoughts on education and writing based on my personal experiences in the classroom.

Apology and Explanation

I do apologise for the long absence here on this website. As stated before, I took a holiday to the neighbouring land of New Zealand. Alternatively, a land you may know as Middle Earth. There will be a reflective post on this in my upcoming newsletter – which will be released in the next week. So if you want to receive this email please subscribe to the mailing list. Otherwise you will miss out on the updates and bonus content.

That aside, I was also busy travelling around Australia in the short holiday break. Now that I have come back ready to teach I am also ready to continue posting site content. I will be posting several reviews (details of which will be in the newsletter) and some new reflections on writing – including some new thoughts on the use of POV (Point Of View) in writing.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to  posting some new creative content on here: reviews, story edits, and thoughts on writing. There may also be time to write an anthology sci-fi project this year and add it to here!

A new discussion-based writing project with a writing group friend is going to be posted shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for details on this and the link to this project. All I can say at the moment is it is going to be based on the idea of global unifying narratives. Specifically how creative writers can write stories that unite people.

If you want to see this, and/or more of my creative writing feel free to comment, email, or follow this site. I want this to be the year of more content on this site: whether it is my own content or other’s content. So if you have any ideas or thoughts please message or comment. I want to have competitions and use this site to get beta readers in this year so if you want these features and options please subscribe now and show your support!

I have also been inspired to start a YouTube content channel with a mixture of reviews and faith-based exploration of pop culture. Keep an eye out for the link in the future!

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