Lego Ninjago Review

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A Fun 80s Filled Blast Lego Ninjago is an absolutely energetic film from start to finish. After the success of The Lego Movie and Lego Batman, Lego Ninjago uses the same brickmotion animation style brilliantly. The one area that lets this film down is its humorous nature. The film is a little ‘too-over-the-top’ with its zany sense of whimsy. At times, Lego […]

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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Clouded by Controversy The announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II was a welcome one. Following 2015’s attempt to reboot the Battlefront brand, Battlefront II was meant to be a great improvement. And yes it certainly was. However, unfortunately Battlefront II also managed to play host to a vast amount of controversy. The planned progression system engaged with the mechanic of loot crates in […]


Microtransactions: The True Cost

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What are ‘microtransactions’ anyway? Microtransactions are essentially small transactions. They are the equivalent of paying two dollars for a cheeseburger. Two dollars is pocket change for most people and when you want a snack – two dollars is worthwhile for a burger. In terms of media and video gaming, microtransactions are an issue which have […]